Deadly Blast in Pak Shows Emerging Regional Politics


A deadly bomb blast in the parking lot of a luxury hotel in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta on Wednesday night left four people dead and 12 injured. Officials noted that the targeted hotel was hosting a Chinese Ambassador that night.

The blast took place in the car park of Hotel Serena, which is considered as most secure luxury hotel chain throughout Pakistan — in the city of Quetta. According to the local officials, a bomb exploded minutes after a car entered the parking lot. The attack has been identified as a suicide attack.

Bomb blasts are common in Balochistan and KPK, but the Quetta blast on Wednesday was important in two ways, the Chinese Ambassador and delegation. It is interesting to note that the delegation was supposed to meet the govt and the nationalist and Hazara leadership. The two parties had discussed the insurgency in Balochistan and CPEC.

TTP took responsibility for the blast and declared important messages: Their first message was to the Chinese, who asserted that the TTP is still an important player in the region.

The second message was aimed at Islamabad and Kabul to show that the TTP is still powerful and an attack can happen at even the most “secure” hotel.

The third message said that their importance is highlighted by the fact that they boycott the peace talks conference in Istanbul despite Pakistan’s request. Without the Taliban, the three-country conference on April 24 remains just a table talk.

The Taliban gave the message that they will not attend any conference before the withdrawal of foreign forces. Another aspect of this development through all these Taliban led activities in Quetta and Waziristan is that the American forces are using the emerging tensions to justify their stay till September.

In all this regional politics, the Taliban once again become the key player despite their loss in military strength by not depending on Islamabad due to new comfortable heaven in Doha. Nobody could have imagined that the Taliban would end up in Doha with the blessings of Washington.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is in Tehran, and Ankara is trying to repair the damages. This trio, with China’s backing, is trying to counter the American role in the region.

Still, the interesting development is in the pipeline, but the coming days are of paramount importance. In this scenario, another important and obvious question coming to everyone’s mind about the role of New Delhi.

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