Joe Biden announces new Covid-19 task force under Vivek Murthy


New Delhi: President-elect Joe Biden has said he will be setting up a Covid-19 task force under physician Vivek Murthy who was also appointed as Surgeon General during the Barack Obama presidency. The appointment of Murthy comes at a time when the United States is witnessing a record number of Covid-19 infections.

Murthy in the past has advocated a science-based approach to the pandemic and often cautioned against politics and politicians dictating pandemic response. His recent tweets were on the Trump administration’s haste in dealing with vaccine approval.

In September, Murthy had criticised Trump’s statements on overruling the FDA guidance on vaccine approval. Murthy had tweeted that for the White House to assert it may overrule FDA guidance on vaccine standards is inappropriate and only further erodes public trust.

“People want vaccine approval determined by scientists not politicians. There is 1 path to a safe, effective #COVID19 vaccine: let scientists do their job.”

In August he had also raised questions about rushing for an emergency approval for Covid vaccine in the United States. “The highest priorities in vaccine development are safety and efficacy. Period. Speed is important but secondary. No amount of political pressure should ever compel the FDA to compromise these standards. To do so would mean lasting damage to public faith in vaccines,” Murthy had tweeted.

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