Negative views on China in advanced economies soared in past year: Pew survey


Views of China have grown more negative in recent years across many advanced economies, and unfavorable opinion has soared over the past year, according to a new 14-country Pew Research Center survey.

In Australia, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, South Korea, Spain and Canada, France and Italy negative views have reached their highest points in the past one decade, according to Pew Research Center.

In Spain, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, the U.S., the UK, South Korea, Sweden and Australia, negative views have reached their highest level in the 12 or more years that Pew Research Center has been polling in these countries.

Around a third or more in Belgium, Denmark, the UK, Sweden, Canada, the U.S., Australia and Japan also have very unfavorable views of China.

In both the UK and Australia, this is more than twice as many as said they had very unfavorable views of China last year.

Negative views increased by double digits over the past year in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the U.S., South Korea and Spain.

Across the 14 nations surveyed, a median of 61% say China has done a bad job dealing with Covid.

India which is facing Chinese provocation along LAC in Ladakh was not surveyed.

Negative views of China increased most in Australia, where 81% now view the country unfavorably, up 24 percentage points since last year.

In the USA negative views of China have increased nearly 20 percentage points since President Donald Trump took office, rising 13 points since just last year.

A median of 78% say they don’t have much or no confidence in Xi Jinping to do the right thing regarding world affairs.

In Germany, 78% say they have no confidence in Xi – but 89% say the same of Trump.

As has traditionally been the case in Pew Research Center polling, older people tend to have more unfavorable views of China than younger people. For example, in Australia, 68% of those under 30 have an unfavorable view of China, compared with 86% of those ages 50 and older.

This also marks the first year in which a majority of younger Australians have an unfavorable view of China

At least six-in-ten in Canada and the U.S. rate China’s handling of the coronavirus as poor. More than half in seven European nations share this view, including 72% in Denmark and 65% in Sweden.

The most negative reviews of China’s COVID-19 response come from three nations – Japan; S Korea and Australia.

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